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Dance Upon the Air

Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts
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Dance Upon the Air is the story of Nell Channing. She comes to Three Sisters Island after a troubled past, and there she hopes she can maybe set down roots. But if she's found, she knows that the man whom she left behind would kill her.

Three Sisters Island was made of magick, and has a curse upon it that must be broken when the three are once again on island. Nell, as she will find out, is one of those three.

On Three Sisters she does find peace. Peace in friendship, peace in finding herself, and peace in magick. As she's finding herself, she meets Zachariah Todd, the local sheriff. He stirs passions she no longer knew she had, but with him being a member of the law, if he found out about her past, he wouldn't want her.

Can Nell give herself over to those feelings that Zach has stirred? And can she face who she really is, and help to break the hundreds of years old curse?

Nora Roberts does it once again in this stir…