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My Life As A White Trash Zombie

My Life As a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book started really strong for me, kind of trailed off in the middle, and then really picked up at the end again. It left me wanting more, and I can't wait to pick up the next book in the series.

Meet Angel, a real "white-trash" low-life; addicted to drugs and alcohol, no job, a high school drop out, a real winner. But when she wakes up in the hospital after an overdose, she finds someone has given her a second chance at life. A mysterious person wrote her a letter which got her a job at a morgue.

Angel can't waste this chance, because if she does, this mysterious person will tell her Parole Officer about drugs and such, and she'll end up in jail. What Angel comes to learn is that she's been turned into a zombie, and she needs her job for her survival.

I really fell in love with the character of Angel. She was down on her luck, and at first when she got the second chance, she almost…

Bound by Darkness

Bound By Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 11th book in the Guardians of Eternity series. This is Jaelyn and Ariyal's story. Jaelyn is a vampire assassin known as a Hunter. Hunter's are revered and feared by the rest of their race. They live solitary lives, and with little luxury.

Ariyal is the prince of the Sylvermyst, who pledged to serve the demon Morgana le Fey, instead of being banished behind the veil with their master the Dark Lord. They suffered terribly in her hands, and with her death, the Sylvermyst are divided.

With the plot of the children that is continued from the last full-length book, we find ourselves once again racing against time along with the main characters, as those who plot to resurrect the Dark Lord move forth with their plans.

Jaelyn is put on assignment from the Commission, a powerful group of oracles that no demon race messes with. And what is her assignment? Being close to Ariyal.

I had a few problems with this story ove…

UTC Update #9

Sorry it's a bit later than usual... just moved to a new state, so, that put me a bit off my game...

Category 1: Vampires:
1. Twilight-Stephenie Meyer (reread)
2. Once Burned- Jeaniene Frost
3. Hunted- Evangeline Anderson
4. Lover Reborn- J.R. Ward
5. Lothaire- Kresley Cole

Category 2: Angels and Demons:
1. Envy- J.R. Ward
2. Mark of the Demon- Diana Rowland
3. Crave- J.R. Ward
4. Fallen- Lauren Kate
5. Speak of the Devil- Jenna Black

Category 3: Fae:
1. Bound by Darkness- Alexandra Ivy
2. Bloodfever- Karen Marie Moning
3. Night Seeker- Yasmine Galenorn
4. Grave Witch- Kalayna Price
5. Faefever- Karen Marie Moning

Category 4: Shifters and Werewolves:
1. Fair Game- Patricia Briggs
2. Gunmetal Magic- Ilona Andrews
3. Magic Slays- Ilona Andrews (reread)
4. Under Her Skin- Jeaniene Frost, Meljean Brooks, Ilona Andrews
5. The Dragon Who Loved Me- G.A. Aiken

Lady D


Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daniela the Ice Maiden is part Icere, and part Valkyrie. Since she is part ice fae, she cannot touch another (unless they're an ice fae as well), without excruciating pain. Murdoch Wroth is an Estonian Warlord who was once a massive rake. After saving Daniela from assassins, Murdoch learns that Danii is his Bride. But since they can never touch, will their frustration be enough to drive them apart?

Untouchable is a story of utter frustration and sexual desire. It actually takes place a lot earlier than the last few IAD books, and once again with a Wroth brother. It's a novella in the book Deep Kiss of Winter. Even though it's a novella, it's still 300 pages, and well worth the read.

The sexual tension between Danii and Murdoch all but lights the pages on fire, and the sex scenes between the two are scorching. Kresley Cole has, as always, delivered a steamy, passionate couple who make your hearts mel…

Kiss of A Demon King

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meet Sabine, sorceress, and the Queen of Illusions. She's evil, and the sister to Omort the Deathless, a sorcerer who took over the rage demon kingdom of Rothkalina.

Meet Rydstrom, rage demon, and the rightful King to Rothkalina. Also, he's Sabine's fated mate.

Sabine is working with her half brother Omort on some prophecy where she bears Rydstrom's heir, and opens the Well of Souls, a well in the throne room of Tornin, Rothkalina's castle. Rydstrom is captured, and held prisoner by Sabine, where she wants a vow to make her his Queen, them married, and then she would be able to bear his heir.

But the problem is, as fate often intends, even when couples seem so different from each other, they're often perfect. Sabine and Rydstrom start falling for each other. However, since they've both laid deceptions, will they be able to overcome the lies and fall in love?

Kresley Cole has done it again in this s…

Moonlight and Shadow

Moonlight and Shadow by Isolde Martyn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story follows one Heloise Ballaster, a silver haired young woman with a touch of precognition. She gets forced into a marriage with the very wonderful Sir Miles Rushden, and they mutually decide to work on getting the marriage annulled so that they can go their separate ways... not to mention that Sir Miles is previously betrothed. But before they can manage it, Heloise is kicked from her father's home, and decides to follow Miles to get him to accept her... or at least protect her until they get their annulment.

The historical accuracy in this book is pretty well straight on. I know that the author takes some liberties, but all the liberties that she took were based in fact.

It was really fun "Seeing" Miles deal with what he feels for Heloise, and what he thinks he should feel for her. The same goes for Heloise. Their banter is witty, and wonderful, and sparks off each other.

The one thing I didn't l…