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DNF List Cont'd

Another book to add to the DNF list... I was really excited to finally get this book, and to start reading it. I kept up with it through half of the book. Yeah, not going to be able to finish it...

1. Two for the Dough- Janet Evanovich
2. Dead Zone- Stephen King
3. Insomnia- Stephen King
4. Witch- Marie Brennan
5. Memoirs of Cleopatra- Margaret George
6. Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll
7. Go Ask Alice- Anonymous
8. Diary of Anne Frank- Anne Frank
9. Band of Brothers- Stephen E. Ambrose
10. Dragon Wytch- Yasmine Galenorn
11. Forbidden Magic- Cheyenne McCray
12. The Scot, The Witch, and the Wardrobe- Annette Blair
13. A Girl's Guide to Vampires- Katie MacAlister
14. Granuaile: Ireland's Pirate Queen- Anne Chambers
15. Boudicca: Warrior Queen- Alan Gold
16. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe- Fannie Flagg
17. The Freedom Writers Diary- Erin Gruwell
18. Valley of Silence- Nora Roberts
19. One Bite with a Stranger- Christine Warren
20. In Her Shoes- Jennifer Weiner


Alpha by Rachel Vincent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the final book in Rachel Vincent's Werecat's series. And to be honest, even though I've had some troubles with the books over the course of the series, I obviously liked it enough to read them all, and to my surprise, I want to read them again! I want to experience the whole story again! And that to me, is one part of a great series.

So this book starts off almost exactly where the last ends. Malone is vying for council seat, and trying to oust Faythe's father. Faythe's attentions are now split between Jace and Marc, and Marc has made it very clear that Faythe needs to choose one or the other.

Now, in my last review, for Shift, I talked about the dynamic of this love triangle a little bit, and how it felt to me as a reader. I have to say, for some reason, even though it totally bothered me in the last book, in this book, it kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering who the hell Faythe is going to choose.

Now, …

Steel's Edge

Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the final (for now) book in the Edge series. And in my opinion, it was one of the best!

This book is Richard Mar and Charlotte de Ney al-te Ran's book. Richard is an assassin and a slave-hunter that the slaves call The Hunter, since he hunts them down and kills them in mass numbers. Charlotte was known as The Healer in the circles of the college she trained at, and in the blueblood circles of the Weird.

But when Charlotte's husband abandons her after finding out she's infertile, she uses her magic to harm instead of heal, and chooses to flee into the Edge, where Richard collapses at her doorstep. But after healing him, slavers show up in her life, and her new life in the Edge literally goes up in flames. Charlotte decides to go with Richard to help rid the world of slavers, and hopefully end the evil of the slave trade in the Weird.

But Charlotte is fighting a losing battle with her magic. If she uses it for…