Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A game of thrones is a book based on the lives of several people through the events of one kingdom. Bran Stark, Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Eddard Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen. The book is called Game of Thrones due to a battle for the throne of the land in the past, and the battle that will be in the near future.

The Starks have a saying, "Winter is Coming," because in this land, while this current summer has lasted years, normally summers are short, and winters are brutally long. Winter is coming for all those in this land, and they'd better be ready.

Game of Thrones is an interesting book. If you're not used to jumping POV's, this book might not be for you. All of the people I mentioned above each get their own chapters in the book, and it switches POV from chapter to chapter. For example, one chapter will be Catelyn's, and the next will be Jon's POV. Having read a different series that had a tendency to do this, I wasn't bothered.

Game of Thrones is an epic book. And I mean epic as in, epic sagas of the past (i.e. Beowulf). The books are a massive undertaking, each being around 1000 pages each, but it's a super quick read. George R.R. Martin is an amazing story-teller, and I can't wait to get into the second book, A Clash of Kings.

Lady D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Innocent Mage

The Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, #1)The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first of a duology by Karen Miller. This book starts the story of Asher, an Olken, who lives in the small fishing village of Westwailing. He has a large family though, and wants to have his own fishing boat for him and his father. So, he decides to set out for the city of Dorana, the city of the Doranen, a magical race. Asher leaves word with a friend, and flees in the middle of the night.

In Dorana, he manages to make his way into the royal household as a friend and assistant to Gar, the non-magical prince of the land. His close friend, Matt, the stable master, and Dathne, a local bookstore owner, are there to guide and help him in his transition. But they're not all that they seem.

All the while, evil lurks on the doorstep of the peaceful country of Lur, since the Doranen made this their home years ago to flee Morg, an evil magic user. Asher and Gar both seem to center in helping fight off this evil, but neither yet knows it. Barl, the ancient Doranen who gave her life to make a wall to protect the people of Lur, left behind a strict set of rules to keep the magic whole. Will these rules stand? Will the evil spread?

This is an interesting book. The author creates a whole new world, where there are two races. The Olken, or non-magical people, and the Doranen, or the magic-users. Dorana is the main city of magic users, and also where the royal family lives. Gar, one of the main characters, was born without magic. So, his father appoints him the Olken Administrator so that there is a go between for the Olken and the Doranen.

Asher is a normal fisherman, who does one small thing, and manages to make his way into the heart of the prince. Throughout the book, they really become more like brothers than friends. Asher is Olken, so, he has no magic, but as the book goes on, there's hints that that might not necessarily be true.

The first three quarters of this book are just life in Dorana for Asher, and getting used to his position in the royal household. But, while it's fairly mundane, it's not boring. Even though there wasn't a lot of action, I still found myself turning page after page.

The last quarter of the book is the buildup for the next book, and really the climax of the overall story. I did not see what was coming with Durm, although I knew that something was going to happen, I never expected that. And what comes from that? Nope. Had no clue. This author really doesn't give much away in foreshadowing.

Ms. Miller leaves this book on a cliffhanger, and I cannot wait to start the second book! If you're into fantasy books at all, this will be right up your alley! Be sure to pick it, and it's sequel, The Awakened Mage, up today!

Lady D

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Rose

Black Rose (In The Garden, #2)Black Rose by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Black Rose is the second book in Ms. Roberts' In the Garden Trilogy. While Stella and Logan still feature in this book, as do Hayley and Harper, this book is focused on Roz.

Roz is the mistress of Harper House. She is also one who seems to have the ghostly attention of Amelia, which as we'll learn in this book isn't without reason.

Roz recently came out of a bad relationship, and really isn't looking for anything with anyone... until Dr. Mitchell Carnegie comes along. They start out as just friends, but when that sizzle starts, neither of them can resist it.

But with Amelia in the background, and Roz's past to contend with, will Roz and Mitch find their happy ending?

Black Rose is my second favorite book of the trilogy. My favorite is the final book, Red Lily, but this one is a very close second. Roz is a very strong character, and even though she's in her late forties, she's still totally young at heart.

It's interesting to read a story whose main character is much older than I am. But it didn't turn me away from it, or make the story any less. If anything it made it more.

If you enjoy Ms. Roberts, this is definitely a book and series you won't want to miss!

Lady D

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia (In The Garden, #1)Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stella Rothchild moved to Tennessee after losing her husband in a plane crash. She and her two boys, Gavin and Luke, are looking to start fresh in a new place.

What Stella didn't count on are the amazing friends she'll meet in Rosalind (Roz) Harper, Hayley Phillips, and her unborn child, David Wentworth, and Harper Ashby, Roz's son. She also didn't count on meeting Logan Kitridge.

Stella's new job as Roz's nursery manager is working great, even though she and Logan, Roz's landscape designer seem to be bumping heads at every turn. But all of a sudden, things start to heat up between her and Logan, and those feelings stir something malevolent within Harper House, the manor that Roz lives in, and that Stella moved into as part of her employment agreement.

Will this malevolent presence keep two people apart? Guess you'll just have to read it and find out!

Blue Dahlia is book one of Ms. Roberts' In the Garden trilogy. It is my second favorite trilogy by Ms. Roberts. As always, Ms. Roberts is a great writer. Her characters are all very down to earth, and feel real. You feel yourself getting caught up in their lives, and you actually begin to care about what happens to them.

This book series has a bit of suspense/mystery to it that begins to reveal itself more in the next book, Black Rose. But the mystery is present in this book as well.

Since this is a romance novel, the sweet part of the romance makes you want to melt, and the hot side of the romance is HOT. But, I was reading these books in Jr. High, with my mother's approval, because Ms. Roberts does very tasteful love scenes.

All in all, this is a great introduction to the In the Garden trilogy, and, if you've never read Ms. Roberts before, a great introduction to her books. Be sure to pick it up!

Lady D

Friday, May 3, 2013

Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, #2)Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Guild Hunters series. Elena Devereaux awoke from what should've been death for her as an angel. Now she's coping with this, and learning how to be an angel from her lover, and one of the most powerful Archangels, Raphael. But, when the most ancient of all the Archangels, Lijuan takes an interest in Elena, things take a turn for the deadly side. Combine that with threats on her life from another Archangel as well as a mysterious person, and Elena has a lot on her plate. Will she be able to survive Lijuan's curiosity? Will she and Raphael be able to figure out who's behind the threats on her life?

This book started slow for me. Elena is learning about angels, and how to be one in a place called the refuge. She and Raphael are also learning how to be a couple. While there are some interesting characters that we get closer looks at, all in all, the first part of this book for me was boring.

Then, all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, bam! Action, excitement, and also, Elena and Raphael finally seem to click as a couple. Everything starts to fall into place, and we also start to see the climax of the book.

If you've read the first book in the Guild Hunter series, give this a read. If you haven't, pick it up. It's an interesting read, with a completely new ides behind the series. As for this book, while it wasn't great at the start, I ate the end up in one bite. It left me very much wanting more!

Lady D

UTC Gena Showalter Challenge Update #4

Heh. I'm sure I'll work on this challenge at some point.

Atlantis Series
1. Heart of the Dragon
2. Jewel of Atlantis
3. The Nymph King
4. The Vampire's Bride

White Rabbit Chronicles
1. Alice in Zombieland
2. Through the Zombie Glass

Lady D

UTC Update # 4

How're your lists coming?

Category 1: Vampires
1. Guilty Pleasures- Laurell K. Hamilton (re-read)
2. Twice Tempted- Jeaniene Frost
3. Lover Reborn- J.R. Ward
4. Shadow's Claim- Kresley Cole
5. Vamped- Lucienne Diver

Category 2: Angels and Demons
1. Archangel's Kiss- Nalini Singh
2. Torment- Lauren Kate
3. Envy- J.R. Ward
4. The Devil Inside- Jenna Black (re-read)
5. Speak of the Devil- Jenna Black

Category 3: Fae and Magic
1. Unholy Ghosts- Stacia Kane
2. Steel's Edge- Ilona Andrews
3. Spell Bound- Kelley Armstrong
4. Night Seeker- Yasmine Galenorn
5. Summer Knight- Jim Butcher

Category 4: Shifters/Werewolves
1. Fair Game- Patricia Briggs
2. Magic Rises- Ilona Andrews
3. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy- G.A. Aiken
4. Alpha- Rachel Vincent
5. You Slay Me- Katie MacAlister(re-read)

Lady D