A Kiss At Midnight

A Kiss at Midnight (Fairy Tales, #1)A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James
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I bought this after one of the authors I follow gave it a rave review. I am so glad I did! I had never read Ms. James' work before, but now I'm going to dive in head first to the rest of her works.

This book is a retelling/reinvention of the Cinderella fairy tail. Cinderella's name in this book is Kate, and Kate has to pretend to be her step-sister since her stepsister has found herself in a compromising situation with her betrothed, and the only way she can marry him is if he gets permission from his cousin, the prince.

Well, needless to say, since Kate has been working as a servant in her own home for several years, she is discovered, and she and the prince manage to fall in love.

This book is charming, witty, and the sex scenes will make you weak in the knees. Ms. James makes her scenes so intimate, and so romantic, it just makes you want to sigh. The book is also really funny. All of her characters have their own wit, and reading Kate and Gabriel's (the prince) bantering was one of my favorite parts.

This book is a definite must-read. I finished it in just a few hours, and I will definitely be reading it again!

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