Seduced by a Pirate

Seduced by a Pirate (Fairy Tales, #4.5)Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James
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This novella is a companion novella to Eloisa James' The Ugly Duchess. It follows Sir Griffin Barry, the captain of the Flying Poppy, home to his wife whom he hasn't seen in seventeen years.

On his wedding night, Sir Griffin Barry, a young lad of only seventeen, found himself de-manned by his wife's extraordinary beauty. She was a few years older, and he just couldn't seem to... complete the deed. So, in his shame, he jumped out the window, went to a pub, and got rip roaring drunk. The next morning, he awoke to find himself pres-ganged onto a ship, and already at sea. His leap to piracy came shortly after that.

Phoebe, the wife he left behind, started a life of her own without her husband, and adopted three young children. She enjoys her babies, and living her solitary life in a country manor.

But when Griffin abruptly shows back up in her life, she's not sure she wants to be married to this gruff pirate that left her alone for so many years. But Griffin is more than pleased with his wife, and is ready to show her that he is no longer the inexperienced youth he once was. Will he be able to win his wife over before it's too late?

This was a great companion novella to The Ugly Duchess, and I'm glad that I got to read more about Sir Griffin Barry, since he was such an interesting character in the original novel. His wife was a bit less exciting for me, but, I still loved the overall story. All I can say though, is that at the end, I wanted more!

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