Third Grave Dead Ahead

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3)Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones
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Darynda Jones strikes again in book three of the Charley Davidson series. Since Charley, at the end of the last book, bound Reyes to his corporeal body, she's unable to sleep due to the fact that the second she does, he shows up in her dreams to give her earth shattering orgasms. But Charley's life takes a turn when a "distraught" husband shows up in her office, wanting to hire her to find his missing wife.

Charley takes the case, but immediately suspects the husband. While she's investigating the husband, she gets taken captive by Reyes, who has escaped from prison to tell her/hire her to find his father, the man that he went to prison for killing. Apparently, the man is still alive.

And then, while Charley is trying to sneak into the abandoned insane asylum to speak to her ghost friend Rocket, the biker gang that lives there catches her, and wants to hire her to find out who's been poisoning their guard dog rottweilers.

Will Charley be able to find the missing wife before she dies if she's not already dead? Will she be able to find Earl Walker, the man that Reyes supposedly killed before Reyes gets picked up by the cops again? And will she be able to find out who is poisoning the bikers' dogs before another dies?

This is the third book in the Charley Davidson series, and I love each one more and more as I read them. Charley is tough as nails, and has one hell of a mouth. She is quirky, smart, and a bit on the clumsy side. She's always making friends and enemies of the strangest people. Her dialogue with her assistant/best friend Cookie just cracks me up... and the scenes between her and Reyes move from steamy to blazing and everywhere in between.

If you like detective novels with steam, and wit, Darynda Jones is just the lady to see, because Charley Davidson is the whole package.

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