Burn for Me

Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1)Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Burn for Me is the newest series in Ilona Andrews' repertoire. Honestly, I LOVED it! I CANNOT wait for the second book!

Nevada Baylor is the head of the Baylor Investigative Agency, which is remotely owned by a company owned by House Montgomery, one of the big magical houses in this world. You see, people in this world all have magic, and they're ranked. The oldest and strongest magical families are called houses. Now, House Montgomery has never called in anything on Baylor, since Nevada makes sure to pay her mortgage every month, and keeps her nose clean.

But when a pyrokinetic mage from another house decides to start burning down Houston, MII decides to call in their ownership. Nevada has no choice, unless she wants to lose everything, literally. Even though it means suicide, she takes the job.

Unbeknownst to Nevada, a cousin of one of the pyro's cohorts has decided to take an interest in this case as well. And Connor "Mad" Rogan, of House Rogan does not take no for an answer. He gets what he wants, even if what he wants is a blonde investigator... or does he? Has he met his match when it comes to Nevada?

Burn for Me is a mystery Ilona Andrews style. It has insane magic, wonderfully built characters, and enough laughs that I had the people at work, as well as my husband looking at me strangely periodically. This book is an awesome start to a new series, and it's one that you REALLY don't want to miss!

If you've read Ms. Andrews' work before, BE SURE to pick this up to add to your collection! If you haven't be sure to pick this up and give it a read, and then promptly go buy her other works, because they're just as good! This is one book that I'm glad I bought, and I CANNOT wait for the second one!

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