Kresley Cole's Lothaire

Well, friends and followers, I have some exciting news... Kresley Cole's Lothaire comes out this week! Who's excited? This girl right here. As the proud owner of all but one (I still need The Warlord Wants Forever) of her IAD books, I am eagerly awaiting my chance to snag the new book.

Lothaire is a character that I've been waiting for. I always wondered who his Bride would be or even if he would have a book and a Bride. He is intriguing to me, since he's kind of the on the fence guy in the series... you never know if he's good or bad. Well, I'm hoping his character will come to light in the new book, and I know that Ms. Cole will not disappoint us.

So, be sure to go out and pick up your copy of Lothaire, by Kresley Cole.

Lady D


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