Hunger Games, the movie

Last Sunday, I talked my husband into taking me to see The Hunger Games. I don't think he really expected to enjoy it, and he even fought me at first after we left the theater when I tried to talk about it, and discuss how I thought it transferred onto the big screen from the pages of the book. However, when we sat down to dinner, and on the way home, he would randomly ask a question here or there, until I got him into a full out discussion. And now? He wants to read the books. So, how does this phenomenon of a movie relate to the book? Is it any good?

Absolutely. This is one of the best book to movie adaptations I've ever seen. I saw the Twilight movies, and I've seen the Harry Potter movies. I also, as mentioned in a previous post, have a love for classic lit books that are being turned into movies and mini-series. And Hunger Games blows them all out of the water.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some differences, and there are some small things I got nit picky with, but none of it was truly consequential, like other fans have done with the Twilight movies or the Harry Potter movies. And that I think is where the true difference lies... Hunger Games the movie was very very close to the book.

I also think that the movie was shot and directed beautifully, although in the opening scene in the arena, the camera is very jumpy/shaky to the point my husband had to close his eyes, that was part of the experience for me. I saw the scene as if I was seeing it through Katniss' eyes.

My husband as I mentioned has not yet read the book, and with the exclusion of the scene where Thresh and Katniss meet face to face in the arena (that scene could've used a bit more dialogue between those two, in my opinion), my husband was able to follow the story completely. I was a little worried how they'd translate Katniss' thoughts about the various things around her into monologue or dialogue in order to explain some things (Tracker Jackers for example), but they took you to what the people of Panem would've been seeing. I also like that it does cut back to District 12 at certain moments so you can see/feel what Gale is feeling, and what Katniss' mom and sister are feeling as well. The romances were played up a bit more in the movie than in the book, but that's ok, because it helped the story in the film.

All in all, this film is AMAZING. Everyone should see it, and everyone should read the books. I would not recommend this movie for anyone under 13, as the rating suggests, unless they were like me, and at 13, very mature about death, and blood. I cannot wait for the sequels, and as I mentioned in my Catching Fire review, I'm working on the third book now, so, I'm almost finished with the reading part of this series.

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