Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, #1)Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken
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Dragon Actually is the story of Annwyl the Bloody, and Fearghus the Destroyer. Annwyl is my type of heroine. She's a kick-butt, take no-nonsense battle lord, who is fighting to kill her brother, Lorcan, the ruler of Garbhan Isle.

But when Annwyl meets Fearghus, she thinks she's about to die, from an attack of some of Lorcan's men. Fearghus, who normally wants nothing of humans but a late night snack surprises even himself by saving Annwyl. Annwyl awakes in Fearghus' cave, and learns to care for her dragon.

But the dragon has a trick up his sleeve. He has decided to help Annwyl learn to fight so that she can take on her brother without dying. So he shifts into his human form to teach her how to fight. But, before he can explain to Annwyl that he and the dragon are one in the same, she decides she wants to know nothing about the knight who helps train her.

Will Fearghus be able to explain to Annwyl who he is, and win her heart for good? Will Annwyl be able to defeat her brother and go on to rule Dark Plains?

G.A. Aiken is a gem! The banter between her main characters is absolutely wonderful! Annwyl has a sharp tongue, and a mean wit, and Fearghus matches her stroke for stroke. The sex scenes are wonderfully hot, and yet, sweet as well. This series is one of the few that I have a tendency to re-read over and over and over.

This book also contains a short story called "Flames and Chains," which is the story of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Queen Rhiannon is the mother of Fearghus, and all the main dragon royals in this series.

This story starts with Rhiannon being given to Bercelak, a Cadwaldr male whom Rhiannon thinks is far beneath her notice. But her mother, a great dragon mage has trapped Rhiannon in her human form. Rhiannon's mother is hoping that Bercelak, who has a reputation for being a horrible brute, will kill her daughter, and rid her of the nuisance.

On the contrary, however, as Bercelak is trying to win Rhiannon's love, and show her that she's strong enough to defeat her mother, and take the throne. Will he succeed?

This short story was very good, and very well written for only being a short story. Honestly though, I don't care overmuch for the main characters. After reading it the first time, I tend to skip reading it over and over as I do the first part of the book.

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