Kiss of A Demon King

Kiss of a Demon King (Immortals After Dark, #7)Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
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Meet Sabine, sorceress, and the Queen of Illusions. She's evil, and the sister to Omort the Deathless, a sorcerer who took over the rage demon kingdom of Rothkalina.

Meet Rydstrom, rage demon, and the rightful King to Rothkalina. Also, he's Sabine's fated mate.

Sabine is working with her half brother Omort on some prophecy where she bears Rydstrom's heir, and opens the Well of Souls, a well in the throne room of Tornin, Rothkalina's castle. Rydstrom is captured, and held prisoner by Sabine, where she wants a vow to make her his Queen, them married, and then she would be able to bear his heir.

But the problem is, as fate often intends, even when couples seem so different from each other, they're often perfect. Sabine and Rydstrom start falling for each other. However, since they've both laid deceptions, will they be able to overcome the lies and fall in love?

Kresley Cole has done it again in this stunner of a book. Kiss of a Demon King will make you weak in the knees with wanting, and desperate for a happy ending.

Rydstrom is a wonderfully good demon and king, and Sabine is so different, so, not necessarily evil, but definitely not good and pure as Rydstrom would like. They have lots of fights, and lots of antipathy towards the other, and their banter is great at times.

It's hard seeing them fight what they both desire, but the end is totally worth it. This is a great book from start to finish, and definitely worth the read.

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