Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia (In The Garden, #1)Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stella Rothchild moved to Tennessee after losing her husband in a plane crash. She and her two boys, Gavin and Luke, are looking to start fresh in a new place.

What Stella didn't count on are the amazing friends she'll meet in Rosalind (Roz) Harper, Hayley Phillips, and her unborn child, David Wentworth, and Harper Ashby, Roz's son. She also didn't count on meeting Logan Kitridge.

Stella's new job as Roz's nursery manager is working great, even though she and Logan, Roz's landscape designer seem to be bumping heads at every turn. But all of a sudden, things start to heat up between her and Logan, and those feelings stir something malevolent within Harper House, the manor that Roz lives in, and that Stella moved into as part of her employment agreement.

Will this malevolent presence keep two people apart? Guess you'll just have to read it and find out!

Blue Dahlia is book one of Ms. Roberts' In the Garden trilogy. It is my second favorite trilogy by Ms. Roberts. As always, Ms. Roberts is a great writer. Her characters are all very down to earth, and feel real. You feel yourself getting caught up in their lives, and you actually begin to care about what happens to them.

This book series has a bit of suspense/mystery to it that begins to reveal itself more in the next book, Black Rose. But the mystery is present in this book as well.

Since this is a romance novel, the sweet part of the romance makes you want to melt, and the hot side of the romance is HOT. But, I was reading these books in Jr. High, with my mother's approval, because Ms. Roberts does very tasteful love scenes.

All in all, this is a great introduction to the In the Garden trilogy, and, if you've never read Ms. Roberts before, a great introduction to her books. Be sure to pick it up!

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