Black Rose

Black Rose (In The Garden, #2)Black Rose by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Black Rose is the second book in Ms. Roberts' In the Garden Trilogy. While Stella and Logan still feature in this book, as do Hayley and Harper, this book is focused on Roz.

Roz is the mistress of Harper House. She is also one who seems to have the ghostly attention of Amelia, which as we'll learn in this book isn't without reason.

Roz recently came out of a bad relationship, and really isn't looking for anything with anyone... until Dr. Mitchell Carnegie comes along. They start out as just friends, but when that sizzle starts, neither of them can resist it.

But with Amelia in the background, and Roz's past to contend with, will Roz and Mitch find their happy ending?

Black Rose is my second favorite book of the trilogy. My favorite is the final book, Red Lily, but this one is a very close second. Roz is a very strong character, and even though she's in her late forties, she's still totally young at heart.

It's interesting to read a story whose main character is much older than I am. But it didn't turn me away from it, or make the story any less. If anything it made it more.

If you enjoy Ms. Roberts, this is definitely a book and series you won't want to miss!

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