MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13)MacRieve by Kresley Cole
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MacRieve is the story of Uilliam (Will) MacRieve, a strong, handsome Lykae male, and his human/soon to be Immortal mate, Chloe Todd. Will as a child was abused by a succubus, and because of his young age, ended up losing both his parents, and his unborn sister. Haunted by their deaths, he has a... hard time coping with his life, and with relationships.

Chloe lives with her widower father, and is a professional soccer player. One day, during a huge match, in which Olympic scouts are in the stands, she notices something strange... REALLY strange... her hearing is all of a sudden magnified. She also starts noticing other issues, all seemingly super-human. When she tells her dad about the strange call she heard him on during the game, he disappears, but only after revealing a secret world of Immortals that she never knew about.

With her father gone, one night Chloe gets kidnapped by witches, and set to be sold at an auction, since she has turned out to be the daughter of Preston Webb, the Order's head. Will and his twin Munro, go to the auction in hopes of buying the Daughter of Webb, and making Webb pay for what he did to MacRieve. But while there... he realizes Chloe is his fated mate...

Chloe and MacRieve are perfectly happy together at first... he's a super awesome guy. But when Chloe's transition happens, she begins to turn into MacRieve's worst nightmare... With the full moon approaching, will Will be able to get over his hang-ups, and love Chloe for who, and what she is?

Of the Immortals After Dark (IAD) series, I tend to like the Lykae books more than any others... the Lykae are strong, wild males, who are total Alphas. Their books, with the exception of maybe Conrad Wroth's, also tend to be darker in nature. MacRieve's is no exception. Their are undertones of sexual abuse, but it's handled very well.

The sex, like every of Ms. Cole's books is super hot! Will and Chloe SCORCH the pages. And Ms. Cole makes you feel the anguish of the couples as always.

You do get to see glimpses of some of your old favorites... Mariketa, Regin, and of course, Nix. All in all, this book definitely keeps pace with the IAD series, and while maybe not my favorite of them all, is definitely up there! If you've never read the IAD series, you're missing out! Definitely go pick it up, and read it, especially since Dark Skye is coming out VERY soon! You WILL NOT be sorry.

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