Magic Slays

Well, this is the most recent book in the Kate Daniels series to come out. I had read it before (the day it came out, actually), but I recently re-read it, and thought I'd make a post about it. As I've said before, I love Ilona Andrews, so, my review may be a tad biased, but, it is what it is. :D

Kate is facing something that could potentially kill most if not all of the citizens of Atlanta. She needs her best friend's help, as well as that of her main squeeze, and his 1500+ shapeshifters that he has control over. Will Kate be able to stop the evil before it kills them all?

This book is great, just like the others. In this one, Kate and Curran are mated, Julie is in the picture a lot more, since she's now living at the Keep, and we get to have Andrea as her usual charming self. Grendel also makes appearances, which is great, because, frankly, I love that shaved poodle.

I would not recommend starting this book if you haven't read the others. You could, but you'd miss a lot of character development, and some of the plots are reoccuring themes throughout.

All in all, this is a great book, with action, gritty paranormal surroundings, and romance. Ilona Andrews continues to be one of my favorite authors, and I will buy/read anything they put out. If you haven't read any of their books, pick them up, and give them a try! :)

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