Ill Wind

Ill Wind (Weather Warden, #1)Ill Wind by Rachel Caine
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This is one of the most imaginative and unique series that I think I've ever read.

Meet Joanne Baldwin. She's a Weather Warden... that is to say she can control the weather. But when something goes horribly wrong in her life, she finds her self on the run from other Wardens, and on her own... until she meets David, a super-hot hitch hiker who seems to want to help her out.

Joanne is fighting something within that is threatening to kill her, and since time is not on her side, she is literally racing cross-country to hopefully find help. Can she make it in time? And who is David, really?

This book is amazing start to finish. It is a fast-paced read, since as I mentioned, Joanne is literally racing against the clock to get help. We're introduced to an old "legend" in this book as well, the Djinn, known more commonly as "genies." I love Rachel Caine's take on the classic paranormal breed, and this is honestly the first I think I've ever seen them mentioned in paranormal/urban fantasy.

The chemistry between David and Joanne is intense, and they all but burn up the pages. The fact that they didn't really fight their chemistry was a nice change from the other books I've read lately where the two main characters seem to fight what they're feeling for at least half the story.

The one thing about this book that might turn some people off is the "flashbacks." There's a lot of jumping back in time to explain current events, and while I'm used to that from some of the other books that I've read, some readers may find it a bit distracting. I personally think it adds to the overall ambiance of the book.

This is a fantastic start to the series, and I cannot WAIT to read book 2, and find out what's in store next for Joanne Baldwin.

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