Dark Light of Day

Dark Light of Day (Noon Onyx, #1)Dark Light of Day by Jill Archer
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The apocalypse is over... the demons won.

Welcome to a world ruled by demons. The non-magical people, called Hyrkes, worship them and give offerings, as one would to a god, while the magical people, or the Host, keep them in check, and enforce their own laws on them.

Noon Onyx was raised with her twin brother as Hyrkes, because they were born with a deep secret. Noon was born with waning, or death magic, and Night, her brother, was born with waxing, or life magic. This is completely unheard of, as all men with magic are born with waning, and all women with magic are born with waxing.

Noon's mother enrolls her in St. Luck's law academy, and her time is coming to declare her magic. All magic-wielders must declare their magic by Bryde's Day of their twenty-first year, or they will be killed. Noon is still hiding as a Hyrke at St. Luck's when Ari Carmine figures out her secret. Ari is a gorgeous Maegester in training, which is what Noon should be, instead of a Hyrke barrister. But declaring would mean coming out to the world as a waning magic user. Could she face her greatest fear?

When Mederies, or waxing magic users start to go missing, the council faces a rogue demon on the loose, and no one can seem to find it.

Will Noon declare her magic, and if she does, will she be shunned? How will she handle these insane feelings about the yummy Ari Carmine? Will the council be able to stop the rogue demon before any more lives are lost?


This book really could be divided into two parts. The first part is when Noon gets to St. Luck's, and tries living as a Hyrke, and the second would be after she declares. This doesn't detract from the book, in fact, it makes it more suspenseful leading up to Noon's declaration.

I really liked this book overall. It has a truly unique concept in the idea that the world lived through the apocalypse, and evil presided. The characters were all interesting, and emotional, and fun to read. Noon was so torn before her declaration, hating herself as she is, and wishing she were a Mederi instead. And really, that never changes for her.

The steam between Ari and Noon is amazing. And while this book does have sex scenes, Ms. Archer really downplays them, while still making them hot. This book honestly could be shelved in the teen section with little outcry.

All in all, if you're looking for something new and unique, and just a good read overall, pick this book up. I guarantee that you will be happy you did.

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