Fallen Tears

Fallen TearsFallen Tears by Sarah J. Pepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book as a giveaway from the author with Goodreads. I liked the blurb, and liked the premise of the book. I was so not disappointed.

Miriam is an Angel of Death. She gives mortals the Kiss of Death, and takes their souls to the gates so they can move onto the next life. When she is tricked into taking a soul before its time, she becomes a Fallen, stripped of her wings, and cast down to earth.

Now living on Earth as a Fallen, Miri is forced to consume human souls to survive. She lives an existence she hates. Until she meets Lincoln. Lincoln could be Miri's way out of her hateful existence. But will her Fallen mentor Atossa let her?

As Miri hunts Lincoln, she starts to fall for him, and wonders if she can do the deed that will allow her to move on to a new existence. Will Atossa declare war on Miri and Lincoln? Will Miri be able to kill the man she's falling in love with?

I loved this book. While it does have some religious undertones, hey, angels, I get it, it's not preachy at all. This book takes an unlikely heroine, one who is actually not a heroine at the beginning.

The only real detractors from the books were some minor typos throughout, and the fact that at the very beginning of the book, Miri came across as a wooden character. Miri's character quickly comes through though, and I warmed up to her.

The story is completely original, and the author's writing style is also very unique. I cannot wait to read more of her books! Do yourself a favor and pick this book up!

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