Kiss of Steel

Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk, #1)Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first delve into the world of Steampunk, and to be honest, I've always avoided steampunk books and movies because I had no interest in it. But now? I'm wondering why the heck I waited so long!

This book was awesome! It has action, steamy romance, and to my great surprise, vampires! Honoria "Honor" Todd finds herself in the Rookeries of London, hiding from her past, and the man who seeks her for his own sadistic means. Before long, she is brought before Blade, the Rookery leader, and the man known as "The Devil of Whitechapel."

Honor needs protection, and is willing to do almost anything to protect her family. But will her uptight upbringing allow her to bend before this man who asks more than she is willing to give?

When murders start happening in Whitechapel, Honor seeks Blade out to compromise, since she will do anything to keep her young brother and sister safe. But will Blade's price be too high? Will he be able to keep her safe from the Echelon and the monster they've unleashed?

I was drawn into this book from page one. I loved the character of Honoria Todd, an uptight upperclass lady brought to her knees by betrayal and poverty. She and Blade brought sparks to the page with their wit and their passion. I will not only be reading books two and three in the series, but I will hungrily devour every book that comes after as well.

Pick up this book for yourself, and see what all the hype is about. You will NOT regret it.

Lady D


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